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  1. Checkout master branch and fetch latest code git checkout master && git pull origin master
  2. Build all the components so that their dist reaches in public folder
  3. Checkout production branch – git checkout production && git pull origin production
  4. Merge master branch to it – git merge master
  5. Change browser to chrome (index=0) and environment to prod (index=2) in config.js
  6. Run Unit tests – ./
  7. Switch to browser-extension directory cd components/browser-extension
  8. Update version number in manifest_chrome.json, mainfest_firefox.json, Gruntfile.json, config.js
  9. Disable Logger in logger.js
  10. Run build command – grunt release-chrome
  11. Upload the build to Chrome Store
  12. Delete the earliest build. We want to keep only 3 previous builds.
  13. Change browser to firefox (index=1) in config.js
  14. Run command – ./
  15. Copy requestly artefact inside common/firefox/builds directory and save it as requestly-latest.xpi
  16. Update latest version in updates.json inside same directory
  17. Enable Logger in logger.js
  18. Update notifications.json and mention about the release
  19. Run npm start to see how the notifications look like in localhost mode
  20. Commit the files – git add .. && git commit -am "Requestly va.b.c released"
  21. Push to production branch – git push origin production
  22. Add tag – git tag -a va.b.c -m "Requestly va.b.c released"
  23. Push the tags – git push --tags origin
  24. Merge to master – git checkout master && git merge production
  25. Change browser to chrome (index=0) and environment to beta index=1
  26. Commit git commit -am "Updating configs for master branch"
  27. Push master – git push origin master
  28. Update Change logs on Releases Page


  1. Requestly uses grunt-zipup to create a zip file of source code. This tool only works on Unix or Mac So requestly’s zip can only be created on Linux/Mac OS.

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