Chrome and Firefox extension to Modify network requests.

What is Requestly?

Requestly is a Chrome and Firefox extension to modify network requests. Requestly provides a very user friendly interface to setup different types of rules to achieve different use cases.

Designed for web developers

You can setup Redirect rule to redirect your scripts running in production and debug your issues. Have an awesome local develop and debug experience.

Time saver

You can setup Cancel/Redirect rule to stay away from time killing sites. When Url contains, redirect to StackOverflow & do some geeky stuff.

Cross Browser

Requestly is available for Chrome and Firefox (v49+). Future plans include support for IE Edge and Opera. Debugging cross-browser issues is lot more easier now.


Your rules stay with you and so is other data. Rules are stored on your local machine. Unless you share rules to get a public Url, rules are not synced to Requestly servers.

Headers Modification

You can also setup Headers rule to modify Request and Response Headers. Mainly used in modifying security headers and analyzing the impact.

Backup and Sharing

Requestly allows you to download set of rules as a text file. You can also share a set of rules by generating a public Url and providing the Url to other users.



Alain Bienvenue

Got it installed configured in less than 5 minutes. We have a production environment where the load balancer injects info into the header on each requests. To test those, we need to inject the same data from the browser (we do not run LB locally !). After testing it, I was able to extract the settings and distribute them to the whole team. I could not ask for anything better for my use.

Travis Pederson

I use this app to keep me focused when going to YouTube or Facebook by redirecting each to a specific page on that domain. For example, on YouTube, I redirect to a specific channel and on Facebook I redirect to my business page. Other extensions will loop if you are redirecting to the same domain but this one doesn't. That makes it much better than the 5 other extensions I've tried for this purpose. Thanks!!

Adam Waller

This handy extension allowed us to solve a tricky problem with an iPrism Web Filter. We needed the https youtube links to be changed to http (non-ssl) links for the proxy server to filter and log this traffic in our corporate environment. Some documentation would be a great addition to the extension, but I was eventually able to figure it out through trial-and-error testing.


I hope you find this tool useful.
Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.

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Sachin Jain
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